Announcing Edit Order Redesign

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve started rolling out a new look for Edit Order. Thank you to everyone who’s used the new and improved Edit Order over the past week for providing us with your excellent feedback.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to try out the new design, please don’t hesitate to! You can switch back and use the classic version as often as you need to. We ask that you help us by sharing your feedback with us so we can continue improving the app for you.

On November 1, Edit Order will move completely to the new design and the classic version will no longer be supported as we make way for some of our most requested features such as payment processing (more on that below!).

Why redesign Edit Order?

While it got the job done, Edit Order Classic, quite frankly, left a lot to be desired in the looks department (it was darn ugly!). While we were mapping out all the improvements we wanted to make and features to add, we realized that we just couldn’t accommodate our most requested features without seriously updating Edit Order. The goals of the new design were to make it look better AND work better while not disrupting everyday users. For an in depth write up of the new design, see our blog post here: Edit Order Design Details

What’s coming next

Payment Processing.

Our most requested feature. If you’ve ever edited an order and found that you needed to charge your customer for the outstanding amount, you know that it’s a big hassle to follow up with them for the payment. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to email your customers a secure checkout form where they can pay the outstanding balance effortlessly--whether they’re at their desk, on their phone, or even using Apple Pay.