Edit Order App for Shopify gets a new look.

Design Notes

The goal of the new Edit Order App design is to enhance the functionality of the edit order page while ensuring that changes impacted existing customer workflows as little as possible. This is the first of many steps that will move us in the right direction while we continue to improve Edit Order.

Prioritized Customer Information

We’ve moved the Customer and Shipping fields into priority position. We’ve also moved Order Notes next to customer details, should you use that for reference you do not need to scroll to find that information.


Separated "Add Products" for clarity

We’ve clearly defined the Add a Product field and made it easier to spot.


Simplified Custom Properties

We’ve relabeled and reorganized Custom Property fields to make them easier to understand.


Overall we’ve made the Edit Order page easier to follow. We've made some fields more consistent with the current Shopify workflow, which means quicker transition between current orders in Shopify to edited orders in Edit Order App. We are planning more incremental changes in the next few months!